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Eight secrets to Mercy: Simple tips to reduce prison that is excessive

Eight secrets to Mercy: Simple tips to reduce prison that is excessive


The long sentences imposed during more punitive periods in their state’s history if states are serious about reversing mass incarceration, they must be willing to leaven retribution with mercy and address. This report provides state leaders with eight methods to reduce prison that is overly long. All of that is left may be the governmental might.

Concerning the Prison Policy Initiative

The non-profit, non-partisan Prison Policy Initiative ended up being launched in 2001 to expose the wider damage of mass criminalization and spark advocacy promotions to create an even more just society. The corporation is well known for the artistic break down of mass incarceration within the U.S., in addition to its data-rich analyses of just exactly how states differ within their usage of punishment. The Prison Policy Initiative’s scientific studies are built to reshape debates around mass incarceration by providing the “big photo” view of critical policy issues, such as for example probation and parole, pretrial detention, and reentry outcomes.

In regards to the writer

Jorge Renaud is really A senior policy analyst at the Prison Policy Initiative. A Masters is held by him in Social Perform through the University of Texas at Austin. His work and scientific studies are forever informed by the years he invested in Texas prisons and his years as community organizer in Texas, dealing with those many affected by incarceration.


This report wouldn’t normally have now been possible without having the expertise and input of several people.