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Traditional Hispanic beliefs and urban myths about maternity

Traditional Hispanic beliefs and urban myths about maternity

Will they be simply old spouses’ stories game that is? Guessing the child’s sex

Hispanic moms-to-be usually hear plenty of maternity advice predicated on conventional opinions. The advice doesn’t have basis in reality, but might be taken quite seriously by older family members. This well-intentioned advice – added to all the normal worries about your baby – can be a source of anxiety if you’re an expectant mom in a Hispanic family.

The old beliefs are a fascinating part of Hispanic cultural heritage at the same time. Therefore if your abuelita, your senior aunt, or your mom desires to share for her, you can listen with love, especially once you know what’s true and what’s not with you what worked.

Continue reading to obtain the known facts and put the mind at simplicity.

In the event the belly is pointy, the baby will undoubtedly be a kid, if it spreads off to the edges, the baby will likely to be a lady.